Wednesday, September 24, 2008


*tap tap*
Is this thing on?

Modern life is amazing - lights that turn on when switches are flipped, a TV free from improvised rabbit ears and no need to desperately search for rogue wi-fi signals in the backyard. Hurricane's over, folks. Nothing to see here.

We got our power back on Saturday after exactly one week of darkness. I feel so fortunate to have had it restored before the cool front left town, and feel such empathy for those who weren't so lucky. We were without cable and internet until, oh, about 25 minutes ago, and honestly the lack of TV was a nice way to ease back into the everyday. I was a lucky girl when it came to this hurricane. I've got nothing to complain about. I just wish the rest of the area could say the same.

IVF #2 is rolling right along, although more slowly than anticipated. On our first attempt I triggered on my 8th day of stims. Today is day 9 and we've got a good few days left in us. There are subtle signs, however, that the drugs are working. When I burst into tears at the sight of a convoy of electric trucks from Jersey I suspected that the hormones were kicking into gear. When I nearly punched out a family friend who suggested I had missed a couple of get-togethers last year - that was a sign. Taking my husband in a deep embrace as he sung a little song about how much he loves me...and then screaming at him for hugging too hard - thankfully I've got the drugs to blame it on. Toss in the sore belly, now being poked thrice daily, and the bloat which leaves semi-permanent impressions of my jeans on my gut. Yes, things are in full swing.

My follicles are less impressive than my bruises, though; we measured 9 today between 11mm and 17mm. Truly it's about what I expected, but my hopes? Well, they hoped for a bit more. But don't we always? I'm feeling relatively optimistic, though and have no doubt that my cycle is being managed with great expertise and care. I trust my doctor - a new experience for me - and didn't even *ask* for my E2 today. Progress. Definite progress.

My next (and fourth) stim check is Friday morning. I hope to report a sudden surge in glorious follicles, and I hope to do it in a far more interesting post than the one I've offered today. I swear, the fluid from my brain has gone straight to my uterus.


Faithful Infertile said...

I'm hoping your follies grow wonderfully! Its so exciting! Good luck!

Here from NCLW

CappyPrincess said...

Crossing fingers for loads of wonderful follies.


True Companions Plus One? said...

Welcome back girlie - glad to have ya! And hopefully those follies keep growing - looking forward to that next update. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Hey Amber! It sounds like you aren't doing the Dawn protocol any more. Did they put you on a different one? I am on CD7 right now and have my first monitoring appt tomorrow. I am so nervous. I only had 3-4 antral follicles on CD2 so I'd be gloriously happy with your 9!

JJ said...

Wishing lots and lots of nice follies! Best of luck!~

MP1648 said...

Good luck - grow follies, grow! My first IVF# I only had five follies and three eggs. I only stimmed 6 days (over-responder). This is IVF #2, stimmed for 7 days, had 11 mature follies and 9 mature eggs retrieved. I just had my transfer - I have two on board. My name is lisa and my email is

Emily said...

glad you are back in the land of modern technology!

did you end up doing ganirelix this cycle? i am gearing up to give gani a go next month.

things sound like they are moving right along! i am proud of you for not asking for the e2!!!

hang in there! thinking of you!

Jessatsea said...

grow follies grow!

Kelly said...

Good luck with this cycle!

We had MFI too. IVF/ICSI was our route. Thinking of you.