Monday, September 29, 2008

adding it up

OvCon50 uber-BCPs x 6 weeks = impatient woman

((75 Menopur + 225 Gonal F)x 3 days) + ((150 Menopur + 300 Gonal F) x 8 days) + (Ganirellex x 4 days) = sore abdomen and wild mood swings

5 ultrasounds + 5 blood draws = 13 mature follicles

10,000 units HCG + sub-cutaneous injection = relieved husband, happy ass

1 valium 10mg x back rubs in bed = best night's sleep ever

hospital gown + cap + booties + PIO targets drawn in Sharpie on ass cheeks = sex symbol

good anesthesiologist x not waking mid-surgery = grateful patient

(awesome nurses + fantastic doctor) x modern science = 12 eggs retrieved

(Progesterone + oil) x big f'ing needle = much much whining

2 pound kitten + post-anesthesia nap on the couch = happy, sleepy morning


All previous tallies + hope + optimism + luck = a lifetime of love with children of our own


Emily said...

12 eggs!!! Woo-hoo! Great news! Eat well, drink gatorade and get ready for those embies to come home to roost!

Ariella said...

12 eggs is great! I love all the math. I hope it all adds up for you.

True Companions Plus One? said...

Good numbers! And I'm doing PIO for my next IVF - so I guess I get to look forward to the lovely circles on my butt too, eh? lol

Amy C said...

Sounds like a great day :-) Did you get my email by any chance...I replied to you last month.

Anonymous said...

This is great news! I hope even greater news follows very soon. Thinking of you!


Harms said...

12 is great! I have all of the crossables crossed. Can I do anything for you? I am happy to cater to the embies every need.

Anonymous said...

Sounds incredibly good so far - keeping everything crossed for good news!!! :)


MrsAmandaMqn said...

Congrats, that is awesome! I am crossing fingers and toes for you guys!

Jessatsea said...

two pound kitten? :) he he he... and TWELVE eggs! WOOHOO

theworms said...

Everything is going to add up to a BF(sticky)P! Can we see pics of the kitten please?

Echloe said...

That is great news. I hope you guys make some healthy happy embies

Genevieve said...

12 eggs. that's an entire carton. I'm so ever lovin' proud of your sore and battered and beaten ovaries! and of you. you are one hell of a champ.
now lets get them all fertilized and settled into that warm warm tummy of yours, that 2 pound kitten can help keep them warm in the nest.
love you